There are many things that make our GSD puppies stand apart from others in the industry. We take steps to ensure them a solid healthy foundation before they step foot into a new home.


We raise the puppies, from birth to the time they leave us, in our home. They are born inside and never in a kennel or whelping box. They stay with their Momma until 6 weeks of age. This warrants healthy, happy, strong puppies.










At 6 weeks, they are taken to a veterinarian, checked over and given their first shots. We do not administer vaccines ourselves. This guarantees that the vaccinations are good and that our puppies remain safe and healthy. Puppies at Rockin’ B Ranch do not go outside until they have received their first vet check and shots.  This ensures they do not contact diseases, parasites, and other potential hazards to their health.


After they receive their first shots, a 4 week training program (including potty training) starts immediately. All pups are fully potty trained and crate trained when they leave our home. They are also proficient in basic obedience and have been leash trained. We like to stay very interactive with parents-to-be and keep them in the know with what we are doing. We send weekly updates and photos to keep you involved with your puppies’ progress. 















In order to provide this kind of superior start, we do not allow our puppies into their new homes until 10 weeks of age. They receive a second round of shots and an additional vet check before they leave, as well.














We pride ourselves in the extensive socialization provided to our pups. Not only are they spending time with their parents, but other dogs on the ranch, cattle, horses, chickens, and of course the many visitors we have. 


Raising the puppies in our home, allows us time, every day, to provide healthy, loving and playful interaction with your babies.  This allows them to be puppies as they learn and grow. 

What makes us stand out?