Rockin' B Females

Meet Ailey Mae, the original female GSD at Rockin' B Ranch. She is a black and silver German Shepherd Dog and is registered with the AKC as Miss Ailey Mae.


Ailey Mae came to us as an older dog, but fit in perfectly. She is an average sized GSD weighing in around 80 pounds and standing 23 inches at the shoulder. She also has a semi long coat. 


Ailey Mae is loyal and well mannered, never leaving her momma’s side, even when she is doing her job on the ranch. She is trained to not only voice commands but hand signs as well.


Ailey Mae is an exceptional mother and protector and an all-around remarkable German Shepherd. 





Meet Royal, the newest addition to the Rockin’ B GSD family. She is a solid black German Shepherd Dog and is registered with the AKC as Rockin' B Royal Reserve.


Royal joined our program as a gift from Jeffrey to Bobbie Sue, for her birthday.  She is already showing signs of exceptional ability. Royal is learning multiple voice commands, is picking up the hand signs quickly and has found a love for working cattle.


When Royal is full grown she will be weighing in at 70-75 pounds and stand 20-22 inches at the shoulder.  She is fine boned and very agile.  Royal's light eyes, sleek hair coat and attentiveness make her an attractive female.


Royal comes from a breeder in California.  Her breeder is known for their quality breeding of solid black and solid blue German Shepherd Dogs.


We are excited to watch Royal grow and become one of our quality breeding females.