GSD's weren't always a way of life for us, but they certainly are now. I  got my first German Sheperd Dog as a companion and protector after my divorce. As a single mom, I felt the need to have a large dog in the home. One that would interact well with my son, Drew, and also protect me when needed. 


Maximus, my first GSD, is the one who caused me to fall in love with the breed, and will forever be a part of our hearts.


Years later we adopted Miss Athena, a senior GSD with hip dysplaisia. Because of her issues when we chose Onyx we made sure he was from a straight back bloodline, nearly insuring healthy hips.


When we met Ailey Mae, we noticed she was straight backed as well, therefore making Ailey Mae and Onyx a great breeding pair.




Bobbie Sue and Maximus, her first GSD. He is the reason she still loves and promotes the breed today.

There are many things that make our pups special.  We feel the steps we take ensure them a solid healthy foundation.

These include:

  • Being raised in our home without being kenneled or in a whelping box.

  • They stay with us until 10 weeks of age.

  • Vaccines and health checks are administered by a veterinarian.

  • After weaning at 6 weeks, we begin a 4 week training program.

  • Being raised at Rockin' B, they are well socialized with all animals on the ranch.


"They have such superior form, stance, and beauty. More than any GSD I've ever seen at a dog show, and I used to show dogs for a living when I was in college"

The Raffa Family - Owners of 2 Rockin' B GSD's

We began breeding German Shepherds in 2013 and haven't looked back since. We breed for quality, good nature, and solid structure. We have also chosen specific bloodlines to ensure straight backs and solid hips. 


Our dogs have superior minds and are eager to please. We have chosen each of our dogs because they are of the highest quality and the best blood. We want each Rockin' B GSD to excell in his or her job, whatever that may be. 


We take pride in our dogs. They are members of our family and never spend time in a breeding kennel.


To learn more about the outstanding start we give our puppies please check out the 'Why We Stand Out' page!