The Rockin' B is a small operation, running a herd of commercial Angus crossbred cattle.  Most of the property our cattle run on was the original property of Rockin' B.  Our goal is to provide quality BEEF to the growing cattle market.


During the drought, in 2012-2013, many small producers liquidated their herds due to lack of grass and water.  We sustained the drought and are proud to provide such quality.


We have a fall and a spring calving season, with most of the calves being born in the early spring. We

pre-condition our spring born calves for 45-60 days after weaning, to be sold as wheat pasture/graze out calves. Heifers are sometimes sold as replacement heifers to other ranchers.


We bought our first set of heifers in the spring of 2011, after My Daddy (Bob Bower) died and his herd had to be liquidated. We plan to continue to grow our herd and breed quality beef cattle. 

Meryl is our home raised Low Birth Weight heifer bull.

2017 Calves